GEOTHERMAL ENERGY: Status and Future in the Peri-Adriatic Area

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GEOTHERMAL ENERGY: Status and Future in the Peri-Adriatic Area

XIV International Conference on Science, Arts and Culture

Veli Lošinj, Croatia, 25-27 August 2014

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We are working for the establishment of a multidisciplinary technical platform for  the development of DIRECT USES OF GEOTHERMAL ENERGY IN THE ENLARGED PERI  - ADRIATIC AND IONIAN AREA. The platform will be hosted by the website of FIT- Trieste International Foundation, that was one of the Organizer of the 2014 Geothermal Energy Conference (read below)

The  Scientific and  Organizing  Committees of the XIV ECSAC International Workshop on Science and Culture is pleased to inform you that the Workshop “Status and Future of the Geothermal energy in the Peri-Adriatic Area” will take place in Veli Lošinj, Croatia, from Monday the 25 th to Wednesday the 27th August, 2014.

The purpose of the workshop (open to all interested persons) is to convene research institutions, public administrations, professionals, operators, students, … to discuss status, applications and future opportunities to develop and integrate geothermal direct uses in the broad Adriatic-Ionian area.

Main target is the establishment of a multidisciplinary technical platform and a stakeholders cooperation network focused on the development of DIRECT USES OF GEOTHERMAL ENERGY IN THE ENLARGED PERI-ADRIATIC AND IONIAN AREA.

The workshop will be organized with a few keynote presentations in the mornings and afternoons, with time both for discussion, for relax on this beautiful island and for interact each other during excursions and social dinner.

The contributions will be published after the workshop in "Guidelines and proceedings".

Fees, venue, logistics, support and more data are given in the Registration webpage. If you need specific information please contact the Organizing Committee.

Hoping to see you in Lošinj, BEST REGARDS!

The WORKSHOP Directors:
Franco Bradamante, ECSAC - European Centre for Science Arts and Culture
Bruno Della Vedova, Trieste University  & UGI (
 Andrea Vacchi, FIT

ECSAC University of TriesteInternational Foundation Trieste


For other information please contact the Organizing Committee

Serena Baldini (ECSAC)
Aurélie Cimolino (Trieste University)
Bruno Della Vedova (Trieste University  & UGI)


Obala M. Tita 36, HR-51551 Veli Lošinj 



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